[TEST] Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, Nothing to Take Off From Its Seat

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We are in 2018: while Benalla smashes the protester with impunity, Rainbow Six Siege hosts Operation Chimera. The latter contains a time-limited cooperative PvE game mode, named Outbreak. Approaching more or less than one Left 4 Dead, the proposed experience changed drastically from the usual formula offered by Siege. A year after its demise, Ubisoft brought the mode back to prominence as a full game project: Rainbow Six Quarantine. The title was then postponed many time, changed name, vit its price to drop and was planned to integrate the catalog of the Xbox Game Pass as soon as it comes out. Suffice to say that all these announcements did not reassure us as to the fate of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction. And, after having spent a certain number of hours in the contaminated zone, it turns out that we were right to be wary.

Genre : cooperative FPS | Developer: Ubisoft | Publisher: Ubisoft | Platform: Ubisoft Store, EGS, Microsoft Store (included in Xbox Game Pass) | Price : 40€ | Recommended configuration: AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i7-4790, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB / AMD RX 580 8GB | Languages ​​: audio in English, text in French | Release date : January 20, 2022

Test carried out on an editor version.

Contemporary art installation, or alien infestation, the question arises

Parasitology for Dummies

In Outbreak, an evil alien parasite, named Chimera, came to put the dawa in the charming town of Truth Or Consequences (which, despite its strange name, exists). Valiant operators of Rainbow Six Siege then came to restore law and order with a blow of 5.56 in the greatest of American traditions. In the lore from Rainbow Six Extraction, the situation has evolved since the events that unfolded in the small town of New Mexico. The parasite has emerged in other parts of the world: New York City, Los Angeles and Alaska have been affected (the latter is surely a fine lover of the gastronomy of the country of Kanye West, like many other extraterrestrial entities) . The world has therefore mobilized to set up an organization called REACT, which aims to contain and study this new friend of humanity. Many operators of Rainbow Six Siege therefore reconverted, and ended up as research engineers, specializing in parasitology and pest eradication. The latter are called Archaeans, and are basically humanoid creatures with a passion for acupuncture and various abilities. Some will want to impale you with their pointed arms, others will seek to explode near you, and still others have spent too much time in the room, and have ended up being real tanks, covered with 90% of a thick shell. You will also come across nests during your expeditions, from which the Archaeans emanate and you will necessarily end up walking in “slaw”, one of the few good ideas of Rainbow Six Extraction. Thelaw” is a black substance, supposedly composed of clumped parasitic cells, which spreads on surfaces and which, concretely, will reduce your movement speed. Generally you will start in levels relatively spared by the material, which will diffuse as you go, in order to put sticks in the rangers. And of course, your new best friends are immune to its effect.

Surely a lover of traditional Chinese medicine

Field Expedition

In Rainbow Six Extraction, so you will have to make expeditions to areas contaminated by the Chimera parasite and where the Archaeans roam. The principle is that each level is divided into three subsections, which will always be the same, but whose order of visit may be modified. In each of these, players will have 15 minutes to complete an objective, randomly chosen from a dozen possibilities. They will have to, for example, eliminate a target, plant trackers on a defined number of nests, recover a scientist who is a little lost in the contaminated area without him ending up in fertilizer for Archaeans, or even deploy expanding foam in super polyurethane Quick-drying pest repellent on extraterrestrial spiny structures. Once their dirty work has been accomplished in one of the subsections, the operators can move on to the next, to accomplish a new objective. But the alien threat will of course be a little stronger in each of the new areas. If the mission turns to Berezina, or that the players estimate that they will not be able to fulfill an objective of more, these last will have the possibility at any time to take the tangent by requesting their extraction. Each completed task earns you a certain amount of experience points, and, as you might expect, the first sub-section of a level brings you less XP than the last. The latter will allow your operators to take the stripes, and will give you access to new equipment and new areas.

It also works with aliens

We abandon no one

Interesting little subtlety, at least on paper, if a player falls in combat on a mission or fails to extract himself, he will be considered MIA (Missing In Action). The operator sent to the front will therefore not be available for the player’s next expeditions. In addition, you will have to recover it in the level in which it was lost, in order to make it operational again and avoid a loss of experience. This is not the only persistent element between two missions, the health of the operators is also concerned. Basically, if you get tangled up during an operation, your favorite Sledge might come back to HQ a bit broken. His health won’t go straight back to max at the end of a mission, and you’ll potentially have to go without your favorite Operator, and his nice mace, for a few expeditions. Rainbow Six Extraction forces players to change their habits, and that’s not a bad thing, because otherwise it’s likely that everyone would end up using characters with access to LMGs.

The shape of the parasite affectionately nicknamed “the hug tree”

Like a sense of deja vu

Rainbow Six Extraction take over the heart of Siege, and if you’ve touched Ubisoft’s flagship PvP FPS, you won’t be out of place. the gunplay and the movements are identical, and still just as effective. The movements are relatively heavy (and unfortunately you are always grounded) and the use of weapons remains rather pleasant. These have all been taken from Siege, and the same goes for the operators and their skills. The abilities offered are, most of the time, exact replicas of what you can find in the original game. And if some are perfectly adapted, the mass of Sledge bursting the skulls of aliens as well as the placo, others are stains. I think of you, Fuze and your clusters charges unnecessary. And even if specific equipment has been designed for parasite hunting, it’s hard not to see a bit of recycling in it. But what does it matter, the base Rainbow Six Siege is good, Ubisoft remains a small French SME and savings are important. That’s not really the main concern ofExtraction.

Skin lovers, rest assured, the shop is ready

It’s Groundhog Day

No, the problem is that after the first three or four hours of discovery, boredom sets in and takes hold. You will repeat ad nauseam the same objectives, and after the eighth Ka-Bar biopsy, or the twelfth alien arrow sabotage, I’m willing to bet you’re not going to want to put on your CBRN suit too much. Rainbow Six Extraction offers no strong or particularly striking moment. After the discovery stage, we enter the levels in autopilot mode, we seek the objective as quickly as possible, we fill it, and we move on to the next area. All without asking too many questions, without stressing too much, since in any case, nothing has any consequence: a missed objective? It doesn’t matter, it will just give me a little less experience; I finish MIA? OSEF, it will make me an easy objective during the next outing; the Archeans spotted me and called their homies? Too bad, I have 1500 cartridges for my P90 just waiting for one thing. No need to elaborate slick tactics, or be particularly careful to stay stealthy, most of the time you can get away with it by talking the powder or running around, even in the difficulty mode maximum. This feeling of repetitiveness is also not helped by the levels themselves. The environments offered are certainly varied, but the level design is relatively brief. The narrow corridors and the slightly more open areas follow each other and look alike, and unfortunately no level remains in our minds.

Thank you Xbox Game Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction recycles many of the elements of Siege, which gives it a basis of gameplay solid. The new cooperative title from Ubisoft also develops some interesting ideas such as the “sprawl” or even the mechanics of MIA operators. However, the proposal does not last at all, and after the discovery, the game quickly shows its limits and sinks into a certain repetitiveness. Even worse, Rainbow Six Extraction never offers a defining moment, and as soon as a mission is completed, it is already forgotten. It is possible that adding post-launch content, already planned, helps to improve the situation, but the very structure of the game does not make us optimistic about its future. Like Back 4 Blood, its presence on the Xbox Game Pass could still allow you to spend two or three good evenings with friends at a lower cost, but do not expect to make it your coop game of the year.

We are in 2018: while Benalla smashes the protester with impunity, Rainbow Six Siege hosts Operation Chimera. The latter contains a time-limited cooperative PvE game mode, named Outbreak. Approaching more or less than one Left 4 Dead, the proposed experience changed drastically from the usual formula offered by Siege. A…

We are in 2018: while Benalla smashes the protester with impunity, Rainbow Six Siege hosts Operation Chimera. The latter contains a time-limited cooperative PvE game mode, named Outbreak. Approaching more or less than one Left 4 Dead, the proposed experience changed drastically from the usual formula offered by Siege. A…

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