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For the past few months – and to the delight of yours truly – skate games have been gradually making their comeback to the front of the stage. Very big names are resurfacing while others are making their mark. For once, the Olli Olli series is a bit between the two: known to insiders, less to the general public. However, the title from the Roll 7 studio has a very well-honed gameplay, halfway between arcade, simulation and die & retry. Olli Olli World, a new opus, intends to maintain these achievements and expand the formula.

Test carried out on the PS5 version of Olli Olli World. Released February 8, 2022 on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Series and PC.

Not easy to renew a series whose gameplay is very solid, affirmed. This is the case ofOlli Olli, a skate game license launched in 2013 by the Roll 7 studio and which arrives today with a third episode. Titles recognized for their demanding mechanics on a very fast 2D horizontal scrolling background. Concretely, a character screwed on his skateboard descends levels without stopping (or even the possibility of braking), from left to right, and the player must be alert enough to, on the one hand, exploit the ramps and springboards in order to score the highest score and complete different objectives – achieve such and such a figure, bring together several objects – and, on the other hand, avoid obstacles to reach the end of a level. One of the big challenges for Olli Olli is to maintain his speed with “perfect” landings, basically on the best possible timing. This allows you to jump over urban dangers.

The wheel spins

Olli Olli World Of course, it takes up this very particular gameplay, but brings its personal touch, in a more accessible, less “hardcore” perspective. A very important element in the past and which is now modified: missed landings no longer cause you to lose your balance, and therefore of speed as well as a large number of points. “Landing” in the language of Olli Olli means pressing the A button (or X on PlayStation) when your avatar returns to earth, after a jump. A demanding mechanism which, if not well done, could also send you into the background or even start a level again. Not in Olli Olli World. Here, not respecting this timing will not penalize you unduly. But if you manage to do so, you will be rewarded with bonus points – very important in combos – and a small speed boost. Note that the notion of perfect landing also applies to manuals and grinds. If your timing is not on point, it will be “Good” or “OK” and less points.

Casually, this detail changes a lot of things in the philosophy of the license, but the Roll 7 studio has reached common ground: on the one hand, Olli Olli World is more accessible, and on the other, it knows how to be demanding. Don’t worry, the levels scroll again and again at an impressive speed (especially in 120hz on PlayStation 5) and even as a regular in the series, you will have to regularly stay focused to complete certain levels. Levels that are longer than in the past, and even have checkpoints to avoid having to start all over again in the event of failure. Another significant addition: in Olli Olli World, each level has its own visual identity, with a well-defined background, whereas the two previous opuses opted for a generic background by area. Overall, the visual universe of this new opus is much more ambitious than in the past, with pastel colors and very successful “Adventure Time” designs, a scenario and small dialogues.

Olli Olli World – Trailer de gameplay

New dimension

It’s a compliment that can be paid to other aspects of the title. With Olli Olli World, Roll 7 brings a bunch of new elements. First with regard to tricks: the “grab” make their debut – gripping your board with your hand -, just like the “wallride” (rolling on the walls), the “firecracker”, to do a kind of manual on stairs, and some new special tricks that will require you to do a little more complex manipulations with the right stick (just like the series Skate from EA, Olli Olli World relies on this key to perform tricks). New elements that blend well or even very well with the already existing base and which above all give Roll 7 other tools to create obstacles in the many levels.

Speaking of levels, let’s not forget two important additions: in Olli Olli World it is possible to change the route and cross the courses in the opposite direction, or from right to left. Changing direction is only possible at certain specific times and will often send you on a “Hard Road”, with more complex obstacles. Regarding the second point, everything will be done through ramps from which the player will fly away and then go back in the other direction. Moments when it will obviously be possible to perform tricks. All in all, the novelties of Olli Olli World form a fast, elegant and varied choreography. Going through the many levels drawn from the five zones is a real pleasure.

Stop at the technical pit:

In all levels, in 120hz on PlayStation 5 (a mode that is also mandatory when your TV is compatible), Olli Olli World remains fluid in all circumstances, with only small slowdowns during the dialogues that occur at the beginning and at the end of all levels. We have not yet tried the Switch version, the fluidity of which will be an important element.

Olli Olli World: New reference of the skate game?Olli Olli World: New reference of the skate game?

A few swirls

Only downside with these two additions: completing the three main challenges, here called “Mike’s Challenges”, is sometimes laborious. For example, you will have to meet a character at a very specific place in a level, or even find such an object in such a place. Logically, with the possibility of changing routes (which can happen three times on a route) the levels are longer and more complex. Finding the objective in question may therefore prove – from time to time – laborious. This is not a major problem: unlike other games, Olli Olli World focuses its progress less on achieving challenges. With a few exceptions, all levels will unlock upon reaching the end of the previous course. Some optional levels will require you to achieve high scores, or to complete an entire area without breaking your face.

On the one hand, this new progression system prevents the player from breaking his teeth on certain objectives – the title of which is not always clear – on the other hand, it is not really honoring the possibilities of Olli Olli World. In the facts, the structure of the game does not encourage more than that to exhaust all the tricks. This gives pride of place to the customization of your character, very complete: each level, challenge achieved will give you access to a new cosmetic element (helmet, t-shirt, board, etc.). A new dimension that takes on its full meaning online, an aspect now more than ever integrated into Olli Olli. It is possible to face the score of other players in the levels of the title or those created randomly. Enough to push the player to dig deeper into the gameplay. All in all, a really successful title.

Olli Olli World – Personalization Overview


Points forts

  • Always exhilarating sense of speed
  • A growing universe
  • More possibilities, more obstacles
  • Always demanding, more accessible
  • A welcome online dimension

Weak points

  • Secondary objectives sometimes missed
  • Some poorly placed checkpoints
  • A inevitably repetitive structure

With a visual identity that is gaining in depth and a range of tricks that does the same, Roll 7 signs with Olli Olli World a third episode that is more ambitious and still just as enjoyable to play. The changes made may however appeal to regulars of the series: the license is now more accessible, making perfect landings less crucial than before. But the hardest efforts will always be rewarded, especially thanks to an online dimension where everyone’s talent will come into its own. In addition, the studio is taking advantage of this revival to bring new mechanics, such as route changes or certain figures, which brilliantly expand an already very solid base. In short, it’s more complete, more pleasant to watch, still as exhilarating and quick to play. A real achievement for the license.

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For the past few months – and to the delight of yours truly – skate games have been gradually making their comeback to the front of the stage. Very big names are resurfacing while others are making their mark. For once, the Olli Olli series is a bit between the two: known to insiders, less…

For the past few months – and to the delight of yours truly – skate games have been gradually making their comeback to the front of the stage. Very big names are resurfacing while others are making their mark. For once, the Olli Olli series is a bit between the two: known to insiders, less…

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