Smolt & Co X400 test: a comfortable French electric scooter

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Smolt & Co is a French company based in the Toulouse region. The brand specializes in the design of electric scooters and accessories.

The Smolt & Co range is made up of two main families: the Z series, the most upscale of the range, of which we tested the first representative, the Z1000, and the X series, which is positioned on the mid-range, with currently two models (the X400 and X600).

The X400 is therefore the most affordable of the French brand’s range of electric scooters. It has a 400 W motor and a 36 V 10.4 Ah battery, promising a speed of 25 km / h and a range of 25 to 30 km. The X400 benefits from front and rear suspensions as well as a seal to ride in all weathers. Braking is provided by a duo consisting of a drum brake and a magnetic brake. Smolt & Co assembles this model in its Toulouse premises and promises a systematic check of various points after leaving the workshop. The warranty for scooters from the French brand can reach 5 years if the maintenance book is respected.

The X400 is priced at € 590.

The Smolt & Co X400 is a far cry from the extreme sobriety of a Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. The angular and collected look of the French electric scooter gives it a robust appearance. A robustness that is found when handling the machine. Despite the many moving parts, the X400 enjoys a flawless, backlash-free assembly.

Few of these affordable models offer handlebar height adjustment. The X400 allows it to be positioned over 25 cm in amplitude. Enough to adapt to a large number of different sizes and find the ideal driving position. Large riders as well as small ones will also find a good place for their feet on the deck of the Smolt & Co scooter which displays 18 x 50 cm with its footrest at the back. The grip that covers the surface ensures good grip, even in wet weather.

The handlebars are very successful on this X400. It is particularly wide (58 cm from end to end), which gives very good control of the stability of the machine, even when briefly let go of the handlebars with one hand. The handles can be folded down to save space. Their fixing by means of screw rings is not complicated, although a little tedious. When properly tightened, the handles show no play, even after a long session of use.

Their ergonomic palm rest is comfortable. The possibility of adjusting as desired the orientation of the brake lever and of the block integrating the screen and the accelerator allows these elements to be placed ideally for optimal comfort. An adjustment that is easily made using an Allen key. The accelerator is operated not with the thumb as is often the case, but with the index finger. A system that allows you to permanently maintain a perfect grip on the handlebars.

The small backlit LCD screen remains readable in all circumstances. It provides essential information such as the instantaneous speed, the amount of battery remaining, the distance traveled, the driving mode or the travel time achieved. The “Mode” button allows you to navigate between the different functions, while the On / Off button allows you to choose one of the 3 driving modes offered.

The generous dimensions of the unfolded Smolt & Co X400 are no obstacle to its transport. When the handles are folded down and the stem is reduced to its minimum, the size of the machine is quite satisfactory. To fold it up, you have to pull a lever at the base of the stem towards you so that it goes towards the deck. Locking is done automatically at the end of the stroke. This system remains simple, even if you have to take a hand not to find yourself blocked halfway.

Compact when folded up, the X400 certainly is. However, it remains rather heavy with its 16.5 kg. At arm’s length, held by the steering column, it will take courage to face a staircase on several floors. However, its small size makes it more manoeuvrable in these conditions than most competitors. For a model that wants to be urban, the inability to roll the scooter when it is folded up is disappointing.

Smolt & Co guarantees that its electric scooter is completely waterproof and therefore able to ride even in rainy weather. Conditions in which many competitors do not guarantee the waterproofing of their machine. When the weather is wet, the large mudguards at the front and at the rear provide effective protection from road projections.

On either side of the deck, the X400 has 2 acrylic tubes containing LEDs. These illuminate at the front and indicate the position of the scooter at the rear. The front lights still lack a little power to be used alone in the absence of public lighting. Parking is entrusted to a crutch.

The Smolt & Co X400 can count on 3 driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. This allows him to adapt to different situations. However, we would have appreciated if the first gear limited the maximum speed even more to be able to drive serenely in areas where pedestrians are numerous – when such a practice is authorized.

In France, the law requires personal motorized vehicles not to exceed 25 km / h. A regulation to which the X400 complies, and contrary to what its meter indicates. Indeed, launched at full speed, the French scooter displays a speed of 30 km / h which is in fact only 25 km / h. Its 400 W motor is far from being oversized for a machine of this size. The Smolt & Co scooter is not the liveliest we have seen and it takes around 7 seconds to reach its top speed from a standing start. The recovery is not its strong point either; it lacks a little responsiveness so that the driver is perfectly serene in the urban world.

It is certainly not the fastest, but the X400 offers very good consistency in its effort. Thus it maintains its performance from the first to the last kilometer traveled. We note a slight loss of torque on the last 25 percent of the battery, but nothing really crippling. In marked climbs, the engine shows its weaknesses and it is often necessary to be satisfied with losing a dozen kilometers per hour.

The 8-inch wheels are not very big, but they offer a section large enough for the handling to be decent. The front wheel has an inner tube, while the rear one is full. The latter makes you lose slightly in comfort, but is made up for by its indestructible design. A definite advantage since the engine is positioned in the rear wheel, which always complicates the replacement of a damaged tire. The comfort problem is moderate anyway as the X400 can count on two shocks at the rear and a suspension at the front. Advantages that few electric scooters in this price range can boast of having. Driving comfort is really there, the bumps and irregularities of the road are well absorbed.

The rear position of the engine ensures good road holding, especially when starting up when the road is wet. On the other hand, it complicates the climb on a sidewalk, the weight being mainly on the back. It is also on the rear wheel that Smolt & Co has chosen to place the drum brake. It is completed by a magnetic brake actuated by the motor; braking is therefore not distributed over the two wheels. The brake is easily adjusted using the lever. However, it takes 6 meters to bring the X400 to a complete stop when it is launched at full speed.

Smolt & Co is a French company based in the Toulouse region. The brand specializes in the design of electric scooters and accessories. The Smolt & Co range is made up of two main families: the Z series, the most upscale of the range, of which we tested the first…

Smolt & Co is a French company based in the Toulouse region. The brand specializes in the design of electric scooters and accessories. The Smolt & Co range is made up of two main families: the Z series, the most upscale of the range, of which we tested the first…

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