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TFT Set 6.5 will be on the PBE for two weeks before hitting the live servers. Here are fifteen compositions to try during the test phase.

the Set 6.5 from Teamfight Tactics has just been released on the PBE where it will be for 2 weeks before the official release. With 22 new champions and 5 new classes and origins, it is easy to get lost for those who would like to participate in the test phase.

We therefore offer you a list of a fifteen compositions to try on the PBE. Obviously, they are not necessarily optimal and the game will move a lot, but they will allow you to have a roadmap.

Compo Reroll Level 5 Brand / Kassadin with Seducer (Debonair)


If you find Brand VIP quickly and that you can give it a blue buff, this composition will work just fine. It should give you excellent DPS, while Kassadin 3 stars will be a solid tank and that Nocturne will give you control in the opposing backline.

This composition can be played with 5 or 7 Seducers (Debonair) or with 4 to 6 Arcanists depending on your Hextech Boosts. Note that theEcho of Luden is a great Raise to take for Brand.

Compo Reroll Niveau 5 Twitch / Nocturne / Singed


Quite similar to the version of Set 6 popularized by Pas de Bol, the compo Twitch Reroll is still effective since it now benefits from Nocturne in addition that can offer relevant checks.

You can either play it with 5 to 7 Techno-chemists (Chemtech) or the Innovator version with Echo, Camille, Ezreal, Zilean and Seraphine, depending on the Augments and champions you find at the start of the game.

Compo Reroll Level 6/7 Corki/Vex with Yordle


The Yordles facelift with the addition of Daughters and of Gnar, the first being an interesting main carry, while the second can be a relevant secondary carry.

As usual with Yordles, your objective is to slow roll through levels 6 and 7 to pass them all 3 stars and play Weighs at the end of the game.

Compo Reroll Level 6 Zyra/Syndra with Scholar (Scholar)


With the addition of Syndra in Scholar (Scholar) at 2 range, this composition is made more relevant than in the past, especially with Silco at the end of the game which allows office cast instantly at the start of combat if it has at least one tear of the goddess.

You especially want Zira 3 stars, while Syndra can also be interesting if it is VIP. Your best option is probably Leona VIP, especially if you also manage to pass it 3 stars, which makes it very tanky.

Compo Reroll Level 6 Talon with Seducer (Debonair)


Talon remains at Set 6.5 but with a new trait: Seducer (Debonair). If you have it in VIP, allowing him to deal pure damage with his spell, he can be very powerful.

You can either play it with 5 Seducers, trying to get Syndra, Blitzcrank and Leona 3 stars, or you can play 4 Assassins, depending on your Hextech Boosts.

Compo Reroll Tier 6/7 Arcanist with Vex/Swain/Malzahar


The composition Reroll Arcaniste remains essentially the same, with Vex 3 stars in main tank and Swain Where Malzahar 3 stars in DPS, depending on your items and which one you find quickly.

You can also play Viktor in the place of Ziggs at level 8, and why not try to play 6 Arcanistes if you have one Emblem.

Compo Reroll Malzahar / Cho’Gath with Mutant


This composition is relatively similar to the Set 6 version, with the option to play Kha’Zix in secondary carry. You still want to play Cho’Gath 3 stars first, with Malzahar 3 also interesting for damage.

This composition Mutant is preferred with mutations that reduce mana costs, Metamorphosis that increases resistances and one that gives execution and pure damage.

Compo Reroll Level 7 Lucian / Gangplank with Hextech


Lucian is a new champion who can be a carry if you put him in 3 stars. Since it does mixed damage, it benefits well from hybrid items like the hand of justice, the giant slayer, or the combination of Blades of infinity and Precious Gauntlet.

Since you want slow roll at level 7 for Lucian 3 stars, you can also play Gangplank in secondary carry. Note that playing 4 Repeaters (Twinshot) can be very relevant if you have a Hextech Augmentation which gives you +1.

Compo Sivir/Vi with Striker (Striker)


Sivir is one of the new champions of the Set, she acts as a very powerful physical DPS with her ricochets and her trait Striker which gives him a lot of damage. We also received an overhaul, making her a very relevant main tank with defensive items.

You can play Irelia as a secondary carry in this comp, though it’s generally more relevant to focus on items of Sivir and your frontline.

Compo Irelia / Jinx with Junkyard (Scrap)

TFT-Compo-Irelia (Lien)

Irelia can also be the main carry of the composition Junkman (Scrap), with Blitzcrank which can hook a target to kill them quickly and start getting their resets. Irelia also works extremely well with a Assassin Emblem so that she starts jumping on the backline as soon as the fight starts.

Don’t forget to give components to your champions Scrap metal.

Compo Draven with Challenger

TFT-Compo-Draven (Lien)

Draven is back with Set 6.5! It is especially dangerous if you find it in VIP, giving him unlimited range and armor reduction, allowing you to put him in a corner without him ever having to move and dispense with the Last breath.

You can play this composition with 4 or 6 Challengers if you have some Increases that help them, but the more utilitarian version is probably to be preferred, allowing time to Draven with your many controls.

Compo Ahri with Underworld (Syndicate)


Ahri is one of the new carries in Set 6.5, with a spell that gets more and more powerful the more she casts it. Accordingly, the version of the composition with Pègres (Syndicate) is probably the most relevant, since it is very tanky and allows Ahri to become more and more powerful.

Note that it is also possible to play it in a composition Arcanists with more offensive objects, to allow him to destroy the opposing composition from the second or third cast.

Compo Kha’Zix with Mutant


Kha’Zix is the new Assassin of the Set, and it can be played with 5 Mutants, especially if the mutation is interesting for him: Cybernetic for the damage, Voracious Appetite for even more damage and power (even if it means removing Cho’Gath and Enlist to play more units), Synaptic Web for the reduced mana cost… Unlike Malzahar, it benefits from almost all mutations.

This composition is especially to be preferred if you have the means to have +1 Mutant or +1 Assassin to still give 2 Assassins at your Kha’Zix.

Compo Jhin / Zeri with Sniper


Jhin remained similar to Set 6, with still a priority on having a big frontline. He can now count on voice as a late-game secondary carry, benefiting from your remaining attack speed items.

As in Set 6, this composition is very flexible, with a lot of frontline possibilities (Bodyguard, Fighter, Colossi…).

Compo «Peeba» Zeri / Galio / Silco


If you can pass level 9 by playing a strong board, you still have the option of playing a “Peeba” composition, with Colossi in frontline and different carry options.

voice in VIP may be relevant, but champions like Kai’Sa, Jinx, Jayce or Soot Kench are always to be considered as late game carries. You can also play 3 or even 5 Stars (Socialite).

This list was particularly inspired by the different streamer Deisik’s comp lists (source) and of Frobei’s list (source). Do not hesitate to take a look at their lists, which are a little different from ours.

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TFT Set 6.5 will be on the PBE for two weeks before hitting the live servers. Here are fifteen compositions to try during the test phase. the Set 6.5 from Teamfight Tactics has just been released on the PBE where it will be for 2 weeks before the official release.…

TFT Set 6.5 will be on the PBE for two weeks before hitting the live servers. Here are fifteen compositions to try during the test phase. the Set 6.5 from Teamfight Tactics has just been released on the PBE where it will be for 2 weeks before the official release.…

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