How to make a slide show on Facebook

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To make a slide show on Facebook, there are things to know and consider. A picture is priced a thousand words, however, a video is priced at 1,000,000. If you’re a social media addict, you know exactly what we mean. once it comes to videos, there will never be enough. whereas Instagram has the cool feature of “Stories,” Facebook came up with “Stories” still as a feature that’s processing people’s minds. The Facebook slideshow feature was 1st introduced in 2016.

The company 1st introduced the feature to its standalone app “Moments” to make short films. people kept sharing pictures, however, Facebook needed to be a lot of video-focused apps and needed to extend the pace. Later, Facebook took the Slideshow feature from Moments and placed it on most Facebook apps. The social network is quickly turning into video-centered, and Facebook needed to be a video-first destination still.

What Is A Facebook Slideshow?

Facebook Slideshow could be a feature on the social media app Facebook that allows you to make short videos using pictures. the good thing about the Facebook slideshow is you don’t need to be an experienced video editor to be ready to produce the video. All you would like is a few pictures, and you’re smart to go.


This feature has modified the face of advertising on Facebook. Business pages and startups are banking on this feature and are getting unbelievable results. If you’re one in each of the people, who are depending on the browser and writing “slideshow the way to create,” then you’re at the correct place.

Can You Still Make A Slideshow On Facebook?

The answer is yes. you can still create a Facebook slideshow from your page. The feature is still available. though there are few changes within the feature over the years, the choice remains, and you’ll be able to produce slideshow videos simply on Facebook.

How do you create A Slideshow On Facebook?

Video engages audiences more than pictures. Facebook videos have an average engagement of eight billion views every single day and have a one hundred and thirty-fifth bigger organic reach than photos. That numbers speak for themselves. So, if you’re fighting the algorithm and need your content to be visible, then you would like to shift your focus from posting pictures to posting videos.

If you’re worried that you just want a high-quality camera and editors for creating videos, then don’t worry. Facebook contains a resolution for you. Slideshow, Facebook could be fast and simple thanks to producing videos. Here could be a step by step to guide you on the way to do it.

  • And open your Facebook page.
  • Go to the “Add post” section, and click on on “Add Photo/ video.”
  • You will see a range of choices like uploading photos/Video, producing a photograph album, producing a photograph carousel, and make a Slideshow, etc.
  • Select “Create Slideshow”
  • After that, you may get to choose the basic video elements which will go with the choice, just like the ratio, transition, etc.

Aspect ratio:

Facebook offers you the freedom of selecting the ratio of the video. If you would like it to be square, a 1:1 ratio is best. however, if you would like the ratio to be rectangle 16:9. there’s also a choice for vertical – 2:3, otherwise, you will keep on with the first ratio of the pictures.

Image Duration:

Just like in MS Office, PowerPoint, wherever you’ve got to make a decision the transition time, in facebook slideshow video, also you’ve got to decide on the quantity of your time a picture remains. You’ll be able to choose from zero. 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, or five seconds for every slide on your Facebook slideshow. you need to know that the Facebook slideshow can’t be longer than fifteen seconds, thus produce a Facebook slideshow by keeping that in mind.


There aren’t several animation options provided by the Facebook sideshow. you’ll be able to choose from None ( no effects) or Fade. It will confirm however the slideshow switches from one image to the next.
NOTE: Another fantastic thing you’ll be able to do with a Facebook slideshow of videos is you’ll be able to add music if you would like to. Click> Music to upload music for the Facebook slideshow. You’ll be able to add your music track to the slideshow on Facebook, simply confirm you have the copyright of the music.


As soon as you have selected the elements, you can click on- upload pictures. you can upload 3-10 pictures that will match the period of the slideshow. If you would like to edit the pictures before uploading, then you’ll be able to use a photograph writing tool for it. However, Facebook Slideshow will offer choices for writing the photos. You can add a caption, select a font, or change the size and positioning of the text in the slideshow.

When you are done editing, click “Save.”
When you are satisfied along with your creation, then Click “Create a slideshow.” Your Facebook page can begin to process the slideshow, which can take many minutes to upload.

Posting a slideshow on Facebook is comparable to posting photos; you’ll register to your business, add what you’re feeling, etc. on the post itself. You also get a choice of boosting your post when the upload. You’ll notice your slideshow on Facebook and tap “Boost Post” to push your slideshow to a broader audience.

The free facebook slideshow feature has improved the content creation on the platform. If you wish to make a slideshow to boost your business, then go ahead. Here are the explanations why you wish to take advantage of the Facebook slideshow.

How To make the Most Out Of Facebook Slideshows?

How usually do you get free stuff? however, usually, do you notice tools that are profitable for you? The Facebook slideshow is free and simple to use. Given the statistics, wherever audiences engage a lot in video-based content, you need to focus on the way to produce a slideshow. Here is however you’ll create the most out of the Facebook slideshow.

How to Make a Product Videos

As we mentioned earlier, there is a product that is services that require a lot of briefing. Whereas an attractive photo of a sumptuous meal can charm the viewers, a slideshow of delicious meals is even higher. Completely different businesses will produce a slideshow promoting their product, might or not it’s an appeal page or an appliance page.

Make instructional Slideshows

Have you ever wished to make videos that might help people out? If not, then you must start. the internet is crawling with how-to videos and DIYs. Whenever your followers hit you up with queries, questions, and their issues, you’ll be able to produce instructional videos/ slideshows. produce or click 3-10 photos that explain each step of the tutorial. Add text or captions to the photos, to form a lot of instructive. Then, move to Facebook and add the photos, and there goes your slideshow. Instead of shooting difficult videos that take a lot of your time to upload, you will need to use the Facebook slideshow.

Product Trailers

Whenever you have a brand new product developing that you just are excited to share along with your audience, you’ll create a product teaser with the help of the slideshow feature. Just use a bunch of images of the product to make a photo video. Slideshows act as effective teaser manufacturers, as they need only photos; you’ll be able to also add music if you want to.

Tell A Business Story

How can you make the most out of a Facebook Slideshow? By using it for your product promotion, product teasers, instructional slideshows, and stories. Viewers are interested in the journey of your whole and what makes you -you. Not all of your customers can visit your website and click on the “About us” section to read about you. However, you can use the Facebook slideshow feature to inform a compelling business story. Use the platform to share your message and story.

How is a Slideshow Ad different From A Video Ad?

Do you know what saying Facebook uses for its slideshow feature? make a video-sized impact while not a video-sized budget, and that we couldn’t agree with a lot of. A video is shot, whereas a slideshow could be a series of pictures. Video ads might have actors, locations, equipment, and time. However, the slideshow doesn’t need any of the higher than, except a little time. Once it involves ads, we know a video or animated ad can create a lot of impact than a picture. However what if you do not have the time or take into account a video ad? Here is wherever the Facebook slideshow helps you.

Smaller Budget required

All you need to make slideshow ads are images; music could be a bonus. So, you need very little to no budget in making them. Simply style a bunch of appealing pictures which will grab the eye of the audience for fifteen seconds. You will want a little fortune to form video ads, except for slideshows, you need no cash.

Create From Your Mobile Devices

As we become a lot of and a lot of digital, our working of operating is changing. we shifted from hardbound files to the laptop and currently smartphones. Whereas you can’t produce a video ad from your smartphone, you’ll create a slideshow in a rapid. Although you try making a video ad on your phone, it’ll take a lot of patience, hard work, and eye strain. However, the Facebook sideshow makes ad creation simple for you. You’ll have a video ad while not making a video!

Can Run On Slower connection Speeds?

Not everybody runs their phones and laptops on Wi-Fi; there are people around the world with slower connections. A video ad might take time to buffer, however slideshow ads will run in slower connections. It’s a good way to reach a wider audience. No one can keep and watch a video that lags, however, a slideshow will do the job of a video while not lagging.

To make a slide show on Facebook, there are things to know and consider. A picture is priced a thousand words, however, a video is priced at 1,000,000. If you’re a social media addict, you know exactly what we mean. once it comes to videos, there will never be enough. whereas Instagram has the cool…

To make a slide show on Facebook, there are things to know and consider. A picture is priced a thousand words, however, a video is priced at 1,000,000. If you’re a social media addict, you know exactly what we mean. once it comes to videos, there will never be enough. whereas Instagram has the cool…

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