Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra: everything we know about Samsung’s next flagships

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The latest premium smartphones from Samsung are expected in the coming weeks. A lot of information about the Galaxy S22 series, embodied by the eponymous model, the Galaxy S22 + and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is already available on the web.

Like the majority of the giants of the sector, Samsung had to adjust its plans and its agenda in 2021. Affected by the Covid pandemic, but also a global shortage of semiconductors, the South Korean giant has failed to exit the long awaited yet Galaxy S21 FE. The latter has just been formalized just one month before the presentation of the new Galaxy S22.

The chaebol therefore has every interest in offering high-end mobiles that stand out sufficiently from the previous series, especially since they represent a significant portion of annual sales. The company has remained fairly discreet on the subject, but several pieces of information have already been leaked. Here are those already available about it, to consider with the necessary tweezers.

Rule of three

Not surprisingly, this new range will likely consist of three main models: the Galaxy S22, S22 + and S22 Ultra. The nomenclature put in place for a few years should therefore not change, even if rumors suggest the replacement of the S22 + by a hypothetical S22 “Pro”. We can obviously expect an FE version later, but not before the last quarter of 2022.

Design: an S22 Ultra that contrasts with the rest

Once again, the difference will be more marked with the Ultra version which should sport a design other than that of its two congeners. From leakers serious like Ice Universe, Onleaks or certain specialized sites, such as LetsGoDigital, have shared many renderings of this premium model. We see a matte-colored smartphone, with a one-piece design, whose angular frame contrasts with the rest of the range, reminiscent of the deceased Galaxy Note. It should also have a slot for S-Pen with which it is fully compatible. It remains to be seen whether the latter will be delivered for purchase. You don’t have to be a diviner to understand that this is the natural successor to the Note range. This channel video Technizo Concept allows you to get a more precise idea of ​​the device.

The various photo modules aligned vertically would protrude slightly from the surface, but would no longer be integrated into a complete island as before. The smartphone would also be bigger and heavier than the other two, which wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Another video allows it to be observed alongside the supposedly standard versions and seems to confirm the difference in size and design. If the devices seen here are authentic, the S22 and S22 + would display a rounded and shiny design, closer to the previous generation.

As for the colors, the S22 and S22 + models are said to be available in black, white, green and rose gold. The Ultra version would be offered in the same tones, but would swap the golden rose for a fairly elegant burgundy red.

Screen: 120 Hz for all?

The three mobiles should share a large part of their technical sheet. Although they are of different sizes, the on-board Amoled panels should all offer a dynamic refresh rate capable of climbing up to 120 Hz. We can trust the brand on this point, which remains one of its specialties. The Galaxy S22 and S22 + would be equipped with a flat screen of 6.06 and 6.55 inches type LTPS (polysicilium) displaying in Full HD +.

For its part, the S22 Ultra would opt for a curved LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide) panel of 6.81 inches in Quad HD + definition. This technology saves energy by constantly recalibrating the screen scanning frequency according to use.

Recent S21 Ultra and Pixel 6 Pro have already benefited from this innovation. So it wouldn’t be surprising to find her on this new flagship even more sophisticated.

A pending SoC

Samsung has accustomed us to sourcing chips from different companies. Depending on the market, we were entitled to an in-house Exynos SoC (in Europe in particular) or a Qualcomm equivalent (for China and the USA). This situation annoyed some, who noted that the versions equipped with the American SoC offered better performance. Samsung has nevertheless promised wonders with the Exynos 2200 developed in partnership with AMD. It will in all likelihood be officially presented on January 11 and looks very promising.

This new chip is notably supposed to bring real added value in video games thanks to its RDNA 2 architecture compatible with the ray tracing. The Galaxy S22 range (at least the Ultra model) would therefore be a good launching pad for the latter. But faced with the shortage, Samsung could switch to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 that we will find with many competitors.

Alas, the microSD card slot seems to be gone for good. It will therefore be necessary to choose a model ranging from 128 GB to 512 GB when purchasing. The S22 Ultra could even offer an option with 1TB of storage.

The set would obviously work on Android 12 with the latest version of the OneUI 4 overlay that we recently detailed in our columns.

A photo part in the tradition of the S21?

Samsung knows that photography is now a major asset for selling premium smartphones, so the wait on this point is important. The Galaxy S22 and S22 + could thus swap the main 12 Mpx sensor of the previous generation for a 50 Mpx version. We can therefore expect pixel binning quite pushed. The ultra wide-angle module should not change, while the telephoto lens, going from 64 Mpx to 12 Mpx, would offer a x3 optical zoom.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra could be largely inspired by its predecessor. Some rumors even evoke a configuration similar to the S21, whose algorithms have been refined. An opinion that does not seem to be shared by the IceUniverse leaker who estimates that the telephoto lenses x3 and the periscopic zoom x10 should go to 12 Mpx (against 10 Mpx). The sensors in question could also be larger, claiming 1 / 3.52 inch with photosites of 1.12 μm (compared to 1 / 3.24 ”and 1.22 μm on the two telephoto lenses of the S21 Ultra).

Earlier in 2021, rumors evoked the presence of a main sensor of 200 Mpx: a first on smartphone. But everything indicates that the Ultra version will keep the same 108 Mpx sensor measuring 1 / 1.33 inch and whose lens opens at f / 1.8. The ultra wide-angle module would also be similar to the previous model.

These allegations seem plausible, but we will patiently wait for the official information before getting an idea of ​​the intrinsic capabilities of this new range in the photo.

Quid autonomy?

The “standard” S21 range did not fully convince us when it comes to autonomy. Indeed, it was more or less the only fault of the high-end South Koreans. The more compact measurements of the S22 and S22 + should affect their battery. According to Ice Universe – among others – the two smartphones could be respectively equipped with an accumulator of 3800 and 4600 mAh (against 4000 and 4800 mAh previously). We therefore hope that they will be better optimized to last.

The Galaxy S22 would remain compatible with charging at 25 W, and no more. Unlike its Chinese competitors, Samsung does not seem to intend to move quickly on this subject. Wireless charging could go from 15 to 25 W.

The S22 Ultra is expected to retain its 5,000mAh battery, which is reassuring given that it already offered good endurance. The smartphone could nevertheless be compatible with charging at 45 W, but still without a charger provided. The S22 + would also be affected.

Availability and price

The release date of the new smartphones has not yet been set. We know that they were to be presented in January, but the news wanted it otherwise. The leaker John Prosser estimates that they will be officially unveiled on February 9 for marketing from February 25. These dates actually coincide with the brand’s agenda.

No tariff has obviously leaked. The semiconductor crisis raises fears of inflation, but then Samsung would be playing a dangerous game with the public. Indeed, the firm markets the Galaxy S21 FE from € 759 and it should not compete with its own references. In addition, this presentation date would place the manufacturer against serious competitors such as le Xiaomi 12, the Oppo Find X4 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro.

The Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra cost respectively € 859, € 1059 and € 1259. The South Korean should therefore more or less align with this tariff schedule.

The latest premium smartphones from Samsung are expected in the coming weeks. A lot of information about the Galaxy S22 series, embodied by the eponymous model, the Galaxy S22 + and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is already available on the web. Like the majority of the giants of the sector,…

The latest premium smartphones from Samsung are expected in the coming weeks. A lot of information about the Galaxy S22 series, embodied by the eponymous model, the Galaxy S22 + and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is already available on the web. Like the majority of the giants of the sector,…

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