a month with the long-awaited AirPods Pro for athletes

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The Beats Fit Pro arrive in a few days in France. We’ve been using them for a month and it’s time to give you our first impressions.

Les Beats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro // Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

The Beats Fit Pro are the latest Beats headphones nowadays. Their positioning is particular in the range, since they correspond to an evolution of very good Studio Buds while adopting a design particularly designed for athletes, which is reminiscent of the old but excellent Powerbeats Pro. Above all, the Beats Fit Pro adopts some features of the famous AirPods Pro.

To keep you waiting for our full test, we have compiled our first impressions in this hands-on. We use the Beats Fit Pro since one month, and you will see that they have largely convinced us.

Features of the Beats Fit Pro

Model Beats Fit Pro

in-ear headphones

Removable battery




OS compatibility

Android, iOS

Autonomy announced

24 hours

connector type

USB Type-C

Bluetooth version

class 1


11.2 grams

Assistant Vocal


Product sheet
See the test

Headphones tested were purchased by the writer

Design change, maintenance unchanged

The Beats Fit Pro are not exclusively dedicated to athletes according to the drastic drop (or even absence) of images featuring athletes on the official Beats product page. We find instead situations a little more lifestyle. This is the opposite of the Powerbeats Pro unveiled in April 2019. The support fin has also replaced the ear hooks, and if we feared a deterioration in the quality of the support, it is not almost nothing in reality: the headphones hold perfectly in place. For example, we do not find any problem after a few hours spent running with the Fit Pro.

The outer surface and the fin of the Fit Pro have a rubber type coating // Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

Beyond the presence of fins, the entire body of the headphones has been designed around comfort and support. The Fit Pros are installed in the ears in no time. The handling is the same as on other headphones of this type: you just have to start inserting them then rotate them and press the fin so that it secures everything. Three sizes of tips are available in the box, just to suit all ears. The 5.6 grams of each earphone are quickly forgotten, whether in everyday situations or during sports sessions.

In terms of design, Beats offers relative discretion thanks to the low protuberance of the earphones: they are more in line with the ear than they go beyond it. We do not regret the hearing aid aspect of Powerbeats Pro. If the fin will be likely to be uncomfortable for a small number of users, nothing abnormal is to be reported on this side: a simple press made it possible to stop the rare and slight itching during our month of daily use.

The headphones are water and sweat resistant thanks to an IPX4 certification. The Fit Pros will be protected on a day-to-day basis, but we weren’t quite at peace during a long running session in the pouring rain. It must be said that the IPX4 protection of the headphones pales in comparison to the IP68 classification of the Jaybird Vista 2, which are for once dedicated to athletes.

The case of the Beats Fit Pro

The case of the Beats Fit Pro leaves us with mixed impressions. Its shape is similar to that of the Powerbeats Pro, but with an additional slimming treatment. It can now easily fit into a trouser pocket, where the Powerbeats Pro case was simply huge — even when it was released in 2019. The Beats Fit Pro case is not, however, not the thinnest or the smallest never created. It displays 55 grams on the scale.

Good news : charging is done via a USB-C port, as on the Studio Buds. Finished the Lightning! Less good news : the case does not offer wireless charging. It’s a shame, especially given the size of the case and the price of the headphones. The Fit Pros sit easily in their slot and charge without issue, which was not the case for the Powerbeats Pro, whose charging problems were recently the subject of a class action lawsuit in the United States — that is to say.

On the left the case of the Fit Pro, on the right that of the Powerbeats Pro

On the left the case of the Fit Pro, on the right that of the Powerbeats Pro // Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

The Beats Fit Pro case requires two hands to open and is made of fairly slippery plastic. Above all, it has a game at the hinge, whose opening system is much less safe and satisfactory than that of its cousins ​​the AirPods Pro. Overall the case does enough cheap. We expected a superior build quality for such headphones.

Perfect functioning under iOS, without neglecting Android

The Beats Fit Pro are equipped with the puce Apple H1 and therefore connect very easily to an iPhone: just open the box near the phone and click on the window that appears. Unsurprisingly with Beats, the Fit Pros don’t forget about Android devices and offer a great experience with simplified pairing and an app. The latter gives access to the battery status as well as the noise reduction modes.

As we said earlier, the headphones are sober (at least for the black version tested here) but they hide a nice asset under the Beats logo: a physical button. The click is frank and the support is very simple to achieve, even a little too much. It is indeed complicated not to trigger an action by wanting to put an earpiece back in place. Also be careful during your Netflix session in bed, since simply leaning your head against the pillow may pause your series. The action triggered by a long press can be modified on both iOS and Android:

  • Simple support : play/pause;
  • Double support : next track;
  • Triple support : previous track;
  • Long press left : volume down or Siri or ANC/transparent mode;
  • Long press right : volume plus or Siri or ANC/transparent mode.

Too bad we have to choose between changing the volume and changing the ANC/transparent mode. It is however possible to launch Siri with a long press on one of the two headphones and to switch between ANC modes with the other.

The automatic music pause when removing one of the headphones works perfectly. However, it lets itself be trapped if the skin of the hand touches the sensor of the earpiece. Nothing serious. On iOS, the Fit Pro benefit from exclusive features, such as automatic switching between devices and the famous “Hey Siri”. The headphones also show up in the Find My app.

Very convincing noise reduction

The active noise reduction offered by the Beats Fit Pro is at the top of the basket and is placed without problem at the level of that of the AirPods Pro. Ambient noises are strongly set back and it is very easy to concentrate on your music, in all everyday situations. You’ll still hear the sound of the subway approaching in the background, but we’re very happy with the overall performance of the ANC mode. Vocals are handled much better than the majority of true wireless. Sony and Bose most likely do better with their high-end headphones, we’ll confirm that in our full test.

The Fit Pro are not immune to the bad running + active noise reduction combo: the wind is too loud and you must therefore deactivate the ANC mode. the transparent mode is excellent, again like that of the AirPods Pro. It’s simple, it almost feels like you’re not wearing the headphones when this mode is activated. On this point, the Beats Fit Pro easily surpasses a very large number of competitors.

The sound quality of AirPods Pro?

We’ve been saying it for years: Beats has quieted down on the bass. This seems to be particularly the case on the Fit Pro, which seems less generous to us than the Powerbeats Pro. Be careful, the Fit Pro remain largely focused on the bass and will therefore appeal to fans of hip-hop and rap. In short, a classic and relevant sound signature for sports sessions. Listening to other musical genres, however, is quite pleasant with these headphones, which offered a more than convincing copy on No Time To Die performed by Billie Eilish. Be careful to try on all the sizes of tips delivered in the box. We made a change to the larger size three weeks after the start of our use… and as much to say that we particularly felt the difference.

Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

In the street and in transport, the Fit Pro require a volume of 50% so that we find ourselves in a listening bubble. This is more than the average, without it being a rare case either. Just like the AirPods Pro, the Fit Pro benefit from the Spatial Audio, this famous mode allowing dynamic head tracking for immersive listening. We will come back to this rather controversial feature in our full test.


Beats announces up to 6 hours of listening time with noise reduction activated, or 7 hours without. The case is supposed to extend this autonomy by an additional 18 hours. The famous refill Fast Fuel Beats headphones are in the game and offer on paper an additional hour of listening thanks to five short minutes of charging.

Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid

Again, our full test will provide much more accuracy, but be aware that the earphones went from 100% to 87% during a 50-minute run — with noise canceling turned off and the volume set to 50% . The same test with a 25-minute run caused the Beats Fit Pro to lose 7%.

Beats Fit Pro price and release date

The Beats Fit Pro launched on November 1, 2021 in the US and will (finally) available in France on January 28 next, with pre-orders starting January 24. You will have to pay the modest sum of €229.95 and choose between four colors: black, white, “pop” purple or “ash” green.

Where to buy the

Beats Fit Pro at the best price ?

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The Beats Fit Pro arrive in a few days in France. We’ve been using them for a month and it’s time to give you our first impressions. The Beats Fit Pro // Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid The Beats Fit Pro are the latest Beats headphones nowadays. Their positioning is particular in the range, since…

The Beats Fit Pro arrive in a few days in France. We’ve been using them for a month and it’s time to give you our first impressions. The Beats Fit Pro // Source: Maxime Grosjean – Frandroid The Beats Fit Pro are the latest Beats headphones nowadays. Their positioning is particular in the range, since…

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